What Are the Steps in Road Construction?

Date: 27/11/2019

Road construction is a lengthy process that requires many hours of labour and depending on the size and length of the road it could take years to complete. There are many behind-the-scenes hours of planning the best process as well as taking environmental factors into consideration. Structural assessments also take place before, during and after road construction has taken place.

Once road construction has begun, there are several steps that need to be completed before any vehicle can use the road. These steps include:

  • Site Clearing and Excavation
  • Shaping
  • Fine Grading
  • Aggregate Base Laying
  • Asphalt Laying

Synthetic Playing Field Construction by Northern Contracting Group

Site Clearing and Excavation

Before you can start to lay down any foundations to complete your road construction project, you must first remove any vegetation from your entire project. This vegetation can include trees, shrubs, plants and bushes. Other materials such as rocks and stones are excavated out of the ground and transported away from the working site, to ensure a smooth working surface. Once you have cleared the land of the vegetation and other materials, control devices are installed to ensure that the land does not erode.


In order to start shaping the road and lay the groundwork for the next steps, excavation plant machinery such as bulldozers carries and place soil and dirt over the expected pathway of the road. Once the soil and dirt have been laid, graders are then utilised to smooth out the pathway to ensure that no major surface inconsistencies occur. Drains are then installed to safeguard the effect of flooding on the road. These drains are constructed of cement to ensure longevity.

Fine Grading

Once the shaping stage is completed, finer grading of the pathway surface takes place. This step involves construction workers utilising a grader to smooth out the surface and level the soil and dirt according to the plans provided by the structural engineers. Manual labour may also be required to complete the grading process. Limestone or concrete is then implemented to ensure that the grading has sustainable longevity.

Aggregate Base Laying

When the final grading stage is completed, laying the aggregate base is the next step. The aggregate base is a mixture of crushed rock or gravel and is laid evenly on the road's pathway to ensure that no uneven bumps are seen. After laying the aggregate base, gutters for either side of the road will be constructed and then the road is fine graded again.

Asphalt Laying

Leading onto the final step of the road construction process is laying the asphalt over the aggregate base. This can only occur if levelling on the aggregate base has been completed. Asphalt is made from a mixture of aggregates, binder and filler to create the mixture of asphalt. Depending on the amount of traffic this road is expected to garner, multiple asphalt layers can be laid. Before the asphalt is laid however, the sidewalks and drains need to be completed. Once the final asphalt layer has been laid, road markings can be made and any signs that need to be implemented can be.

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