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Comprehensive Car Park Construction Services

When it comes to car park construction, you need the appropriate design to ensure your project is a success. There are several key elements involved in the car park construction process and our team can perform them all with ease. Find out about our processes below.
Car park

Base Preparation

It all starts with base preparation, and we have the tools and experience to give you a solid and level surface. No matter how large or small your car park project is, we'll design and implement base preparation before moving onto the next phase of the project.

We're able to complete both temporary or permanent structures using two coat seals, concrete, bitumen, or porous paving material. If you're not sure which one would be best for your new car park, we can help there too. Our goal is to give you the best solution for your size constraints and budget. This allows us to easily work with both small and large companies without an issue.

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Pipe installation

Excavation and Drainage Works

Here at Northern Contracting Group, we take immense pride in offering complete car park construction services to clients across Greater Sydney. Once you’re happy with the design of your car park, we'll get to work clearing the site with a professional bulk excavation service and industrial-grade equipment.

Next, we'll map out the drainage works for the car park. These drainage works ensure that water doesn't pool in or around your new structure, instead drawing water away in a safe and eco-friendly manner. In turn, this ensures that your car park withstands wear and tear far more effectively.

Main road line markings

We Excel at Surfacing, Kerbing, and Line Marking

We ensure your car park construction project is compliant with all industry and legal regulations throughout the process, including during kerbing and surfacing. We perform kerbing and surfacing for your car park and provide quality finishing to seal all of your materials.

We can also perform line marking, symbol painting, bollard construction, signage, and wheel stop installation. Line marking and the like will help to keep you in compliance as well as offering clear direction to users.

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