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Skatepark Construction and BMX Track Construction Specialists

Dirt and concrete might seem like unlikely sources of entertainment, but with the right knowhow, you create something fun for an entire community to enjoy. Here at the Northern Contracting Group, we’re able to use our earthmoving and concreting expertise to build quality skateparks and BMX tracks that will provide endless hours of entertainment for both the young and the not-so-young alike. We can also create facilities to help the professionals hone their skills and allow the next generation of athletes practice for competitions.

What We Can Do for Your Skatepark or BMX Track Project


Before we begin work, we’ll always ask for the creative input of the community so we can create something suited for them.


We’ll design something unique, innovative, and iconic for your skatepark or BMX track.


Our extensive construction expertise means that we can deliver your project on time and within your budget.

Maintain and upgrade

We can maintain and upgrade skateparks and BMX tracks that we build or previously existing ones.

Work with Sydney’s premier civil contractors today.


Skatepark Construction

Skateboarding is only becoming more and more popular around the world, having recently become an Olympic sport. It has always been a great way for people in the local community to get some exercise and make new friends in the process. At the Northern Contracting Group, we aim to provide places for people from all walks of life to do exactly that through our skatepark construction services.

Our team is well equipped to create indoor and outdoor skateparks of all shapes and sizes for public and private use. We can create ramps, bowls, half-pipes, quarter pipes, pools, pyramids, funboxes, rails, and more. Our skateparks are built to last and guaranteed to withstand all the wear and tear that comes with heavy use.

Outdoor BMX track

BMX Track Construction

BMX is at its best when there’s a dedicated track to provide a challenge for the riders. The Northern Contracting Group can help take BMX tracks, bikes, and riders to new heights through our BMX track construction services.

We can build everything from basic pump tracks for backyards or public use all the way to competition and professional training courses. We also provide for track maintenance, minor track changes, complete track rebuilds, start hills, stormwater drainage, and more.

Our Locations

We have a large service area that allows us to easily accommodate several different communities. If you require skatepark construction or BMX track construction services across Sydney, including the Northern Beaches, Ingleside, Mona Vale, Manly, or Belrose, we can come to you.

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To get a quote on our skatepark construction and BMX track construction services, or to make an enquiry, get in touch with us today. Talk to us by giving us a call or by filling out our contact form.



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