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Concrete Construction Services From the Ground Up

Northern Contracting Group is a civil contractor and construction company offering concrete construction services for your Sydney project’s foundation. We have worked in both urban and rural areas with major success, and we offer flexible service options for our clients. We are the specialist concrete contractors that bring decades of experience, state of the art equipment, and a can-do attitude to every project we take on.

We understand that concrete construction can be a large undertaking by itself, and we plan accordingly. We have delivered dozens of professional-grade projects throughout Greater Sydney, and we have the extensive portfolio to prove it.

Work with Sydney’s premier civil contractors today.

Specialist Concrete Contractors

We’re here to be the concrete contractor you can rely on for all your concreting needs. Our employees are experts across a broad range of projects, including:

Retention Tanks

We have a range pre-cast and cast-in-situ underground retention tanks available in several sizes. They're perfect for saving and collecting stormwater, and safely preventing flooding around your home or business.

Detention Tanks

If you have a problem with too much rainwater coming off your roof and into the area directly surrounding your business, a detention tank can help slow it down and reduce the damage it causes. We offer several options that allow you to tailor your detention tank to your unique needs.

Concrete Slabs

Many projects start with a concrete slab foundation. You can get standard reinforced concrete slabs, pre-tensioned slabs, post-tensioned slabs, and suspended slabs from our team.

Concrete Minor Works

Sometimes, all you need are minor concrete works such as driveway construction, footpath construction, guttering, or kerbs. If so, we can handle these smaller jobs with no problem.

Specialist Concrete Constructions

Curved concrete walls, concrete carparks, oxide, textured and/or surface-treated finishes, and concrete crash barriers; all of these elements fall under our specialist services. We can confidently take these jobs on and create stable and professional-grade structures.

Contact Northern Contracting Group

If you need concrete construction services on your next Sydney project, get in touch today. To get a free quote or to make an enquiry about our services, contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online form.



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