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Expert Earthmoving Contractors

Our customers know that we're the professional civil contractors they can rely on for a number of earthmoving services on site across Greater Sydney. We're a team of earthmoving experts who bring decades of combined experience to each project we take on, and we're happy to tailor our services to each unique need. No matter how detailed or large your earthmoving project is, our civil contractors will deliver exceptional results.

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Our Range of Earthmoving Services

We're your one-stop-shop for all earthmoving needs. Whether you need us to take over a project or simply assist your staff, we're happy to do whatever it takes to make your project a success.

Bulk Excavation

Bulk excavation is essential for construction and mining processes. We have the heavy equipment needed to perform bulk excavation services on both rural and domestic projects.

Detailed Excavation

Our detailed excavation services are the ideal choice for roadworks, tight access projects, landscaping jobs, and utility installations. Whether you need drainage systems or utility systems put in, we have the precision equipment required to finish the project.

Material Removal

Construction projects can create a lot of excess materials that needs to be taken care of both during and after the project. We'll come in and perform comprehensive material removal on your site. We'll haul it away and dispose of it safely and effectively on industrial, commercial, and residential projects alike.

Demolition Services

Demolition projects can often present unique challenges, but as a team we always create a solution for your site. We've taken on a range of projects in the past from smaller house demolitions to larger commercial demolitions, so we can take on your next project, hassle-free.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos can be a dangerous substance to remove and it's unfortunately common in older buildings and houses. Asbestos removal usually goes hand-in-hand with demolition projects. That’s why we provide safe and comprehensive asbestos removal services. Our staff have the certifications and experience required to perform asbestos removal while keeping everyone onsite safe.

Earthmoving Service Locations

Our goal is to offer fast and efficient services to every client we take on across Greater Sydney. We can come to your project in locations such as Manly, Ingleside, Northern Beaches, Mona Vale, and Belrose.

Contact Northern Contracting Group

For a broad range of earthmoving services including bulk excavation, detailed excavation, material removal, demolition services, and asbestos removal, reach out today. Our staff are on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have. Talk to us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.



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