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Road Construction Contractors in Sydney

If there’s one thing that’s always being built or repaired across Sydney, it’s roads. Roads are (quite literally) the way forward and having a knowledgeable and experienced road construction company is vital to keep projects happening on time and on budget.

At Northern Contracting Group, we specialise in every area of roadworks, from pavement construction to surfacing and everything in between. For many years, Northern Contracting Group has taken on both small and large road construction projects for our customers.

We've worked on brand new roadworks projects to help the logistics and transport industry run seamlessly, and we've also completed walking track construction and mountain bike trail construction projects. Our expertise is also especially important in built-up areas that need clear paths to support people as they go about their daily lives.

Main road construction

A Comprehensive Range of Road Construction Services

Our team will help to reduce your overall project time and finish your road construction project without a hitch. We have an extensive portfolio that highlights our prior roadworks projects, both large and small. We bring the precision and dedication that you need on these projects to ensure they succeed.

We can monitor and oversee any part of the project that you need us to, freeing up you and your team so you can focus on doing what you do best. We'll come straight to your project site when you need us and ensure you have everything you need to keep your road works project moving along smoothly.

Work with Sydney’s premier civil contractors today.

Road Construction Services Available Across Sydney

We've spent years building up our portfolio and reputation across a number of communities in the Greater Sydney area. No matter if your project is in Northern Beaches, Belrose, Manly, Mona Vale, Ingleside, or elsewhere, we can come to you.

Contact Northern Contracting Group

If you'd like us to collaborate with you on your next project, reach out and contact our staff today. We can complete a range of road construction and roadwork services including surfacing, pavement construction, walk track construction, mountain bike trail construction, and more. Talk to us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.



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