St Pius X College – Multi Purpose Hall

  • Client: Unity (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Principal: Northern Group
  • Contract Superintendant: Peter Gurtner (Director)
  • Date: 14-12-09 til 30-01-2010

Description of Project

The project involved the clearing of 20 trees from site, inclusive of mulching and offsite disposal of stumps. Existing site furniture, lighting and fencing was also demolished and removed from site. Prior to undertaken bulk excavation works grass and topsoil within the building footprint was stripped and stockpiled on site for beneficial reuse by the client at a later stage.

Bulk excavation of 1000m3 of material was undertaken with a 24t Caterpillar excavator to achieve reduced levels for the new building slab on ground, while an 8t and 4.5t Kubota completed detailed excavation of 56 deep pad footings, strip footings, internal/external beams and slab thickenings totalling 200m3. All excavated material was retained on site; therefore material was transported with a 12t Mach bogie tipper and ASV loader to the designated stockpile area.

Throughout the progression of the project, the consulting engineers determined footing bearing capacity was not being achieved, which subsequently resulted in a major footing redesign for the project. Therefore  Northern Group
priced and facilitated the piling of 124m of 750mm dia piles, 11m of 900mm dia piles and 4m of 1050mm dia piles with a 25t track mounted drilling rig for the client.

Details of Innovation  Northern Group provided up to 5 excavators to undertake the project, throughout detailed excavation and drilling works. The ability to provide a large amount of suitable equipment allowed the project to stay on program throughout the redesign process and undertake necessary preparatory works for the drilling rig as it worked along the steep embankment of the site.