St Agathas Catholic Schools- Retaining Walls

  • Client: St Agathas Catholic School
  • Principal : Paynter Dixon Facilites Management (PDFM)
  • Contract Superintendant: Nathan McCully
  • Date: April – July 2012

Project description

Northern Contracting Group were engaged by PDFM to construct 2 retaining walls in different areas of St Agathas Catholic School, Pennant Hills. Retaining wall 1 (RW1) consisted of lowering the existing timber sleeper wall to be able to reduce the overall height of RW1 which provided a significant overall cost saving to the client. With this complete the next step was to sawcut the existing asphalt and excavate for a strip footing for the entire length of the wall. At spaces no further than 2.5m apart 600mm diameter auger holes were dug to a depth of 3m with the installation of 6m length UC’s prior to pouring concrete. A reinforced concrete capping beam was then placed using the augured piers as founding for even wall distribution.