Plough & Harrow Park

  • Client: Western Sydney Parklands
  • Principal: Co-Ordinated Landscapes
  • Contract Superintendant: Tony Beslich
  • Date: May – August 2012

Project Description

These works were undertaken at Plough and Harrow Cecil Hills, a recreational park in the Western Sydney Parklands precinct

The contract consisted of construction of a proposed 2 stage 1600m2 carpark (which was undertaken in 1 stage to provide the client a significant cost saving due to removing the requirement for site re-establishments and economies of scale in construction works), a 150m2 bus bay and 600m2 cul de sac.

After the initial site survey, stripping of existing grass and topsoil including offsite disposal was undertaken to expose the subgrade. Bulk excavation to reduced levels proceeded this with the use of a Cat 324 excavator and Barford articulated dump truck.

A proofroll was undertaken under the supervision of the client supplied geotechnical engineer to determine the suitability of the existing subgrade for founding of a flexible pavement carpark. On the recommendation of the geotechnical engineer we excavated and removed offsite an additional 150mm depth over the site and proof rolled again under his supervision. There were an additional 150m2 od the 1600m2 that required further treatment. The failed subgrade was replaced with -75mm crushed sandstone with the subbase and roadbase build off this founding.