Lords Rd Industrial Estate, Car Park Demolition and Replacement

  • Client: Platino Properties (Lords Sixty Seven Pty Ltd)
  • Principal: Northern Group
  • Contract Superintendant: Alex Revay (Platino Properties)
  • Date: 30-11-09

Description of Project

The project required the saw cutting and demolition of 1000m2 of existing asphalt surface and 100m2 of reinforced concrete surface. All demolition material was required to be transported and disposed of offsite at a licensed landfill facility. At completion of demolition, regrading and proof rolling of the existing base was required Furthermore the project required importation of 660t of DGS40 and DGB20 to be spread and compacted in two 150mm layers (98% compaction) for pavement base preparation.

As the new car park was to be raised, 3 x 600 x 600mm stormwater pits were required to be raised a maximum 500mm including for new heavy duty grates and frames.

In addition 1100m2 of AC10 30mm thick, 2 x asphalt speed humps, 70m of concrete kerb and gutter and detailed line marking of the finished car park surface was required to meet the project objectives.

Details of Innovation

Original specification for the project designed to reinstate a reinforced concrete car park, however in consultation with the client, Northern Group provided experiential evidence which led to redesign of car park surface as a bitumen car park. This design change delivered the client a 50% cost saving , reduced the construction program and subsequent disruption of existing business within the industrial park , while still delivering an asset with sufficient strength and life expectancy for its use.