Holy Family School Lindfield (Recreational Playing Surface)

  • Client: Paynter Dixon Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Principal: Northern Contracting Group
  • Contract Superintendant: Hayden Callaghan (Project Manager)
  • Date: September 2010-November 2010

Project Description 

Northern Contracting Group undertook a variety of activities for the delivery of the holy family recreational playing surface at Lindfield. Northern Contracting Group demolished and disposed of existing soft fall areas, and play equipment contained within the site. The area of approx 800m2 was them stripped of all vegetation and other anthropogenic material contained within the site. Once this was achieved cut and fill of approx 1000m3 was undertaken to shape the area to suit the new falls required for the synthetic surface.

During this process the site was excavated up to 2.5m deep in some places, and the adjoining northern property boundary wall was required to be Piled and shotcreted 220mm thick to retain the soil permanently.

Once construction of the suspended upper playing area was complete Northern Contracting Group undertook backfilling and compaction of the upper area in preparation for the slab construction.
Northern Contracting Group managed the entire base preparation of the recreational surface area, supplying, placing and compacting DGB20 and DGS40 layers and laser guided laying of the final 30mm of sand to act as blinding layer before the synthetic surface.
Work of this nature has very low tolerance for error and Northern Contracting Group showed great capacity for projects of technical difficulty.