Cecil Park Radar Tower Project

Northern Contracting Group Pty Ltd was engaged by E.C.S. Solutions to undertake permanent civil construction works within the existing A.S.A. radar tower site . The site was located at Cecil Hills, in Sydney’s western suburbs.

Scope of Works

Stage 1 – Radar Tower Footing

The major activities included:

  • Bulk excavation for proposed radar tower footing extension;
  • Detail excavation for proposed equipment container strip footings;
  • Waste classification and disposal of surplus excavated materials;
  • Installation of timber formwork (where required);
  • Installation of steel reinforcement;
  • Installation of rag bolt assembly to suit new tower frame;
  • Supply, placement (via boom pump) and finish of both radar tower footing extension and container strip footings;
  • Installation of electrical conduits;
  • Installation communications conduits;
  • Upgrade of existing access road including removal of unsuitable material, and placement of 100mm thickness DGB20;
  • Construction of 11x reinforced concrete piers to suit existing administration building;
  • Placement of administration building onto newly constructed piers via 50t crane truck;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete retaining wall footing. Block wall by others.


Stage 2 – Pavement Construction

The major activities included:

  • Bulk excavation for proposed 255m2 flexible pavement;
  • Construction of storm water infrastructure;
  • Installation including assembly of Humeceptor STC2 Gross Pollutant Trap;
  • Construction of flexible pavement including placement of subbase/ base course, and bituminous spray seal;
  • Construction of concrete kerb & gutter;
  • Construction of concrete hardstand;
  • Disposal of surplus excavated materials;