Burns Bay Road Roadworks

  • Client: Alliance Project Group
  • Principal: Northern Contracting Group
  • Date: October 2015 – Feb 2016

Project Description

Northern Contracting Group (NCG) were engaged by Alliance Project Group to undertake 2 stages of works.

Stage 1- consisted of the construction of a new driveway exit out of a newly constructed unit development on Burns Bay Rd in Lane Cove. Along with this work upgrades of the exiting kerb and guttering, drainage infrastructure and council footpath were required

There was a requirement to undertake the works at night due to the volume of traffic during daylight hours. Construction was restricted to 9pm to 5am from Sunday to Thursday

Replacement / upgrade works to the drainage and kerb and gutter were in accordance with RMS specification with an RMS 3rd Party Work Coordinator verifying the works. NCG do not currently hold an RMS R1 prequalification however an exemption on this particular project was granted.

NCG tendered the project based on RMS kerb and drainage details similar to those used on several other recent projects.  As with all RMS works the scope of works evolve based on existing site conditions which are generally unknown at the time of tender and only come to light during demolition.

The first stage of the works was to remove existing asphalt footpath and laybacks and driveways not required for the new development and construct new 2.5m wide council footpath including working. This involved working around many live services including gas, electrical, communications and watermains

On completion of the footpath works the existing kerb was removed and replaced. NCG was required to remove and 100% replace sections of kerb in each shift. This nightly scope included saw cutting, removal of existing kerb, base preparation, doweling of reinforcement, formwork, pour, strip and finish.  All concrete works were installed with survey conformance of levels, QA documentation and RMS works coordinator sign-off

Drainage works consisted of modification of existing kerb inlet pit, construction of a new kerb inlet pit including a 300mm RCP connector pipe, 2 new V grates and dish gutter connection to alignment of new driveway exit. All drainage works were installed with relevant QA documentation and further input on design from the RMS works coordinator

On completion of the works all of the project quality documentation including hold point and lot registers, inspection and testing plans, concrete and compaction testing results, pre-approved material certification and ‘as built’ drawings were submitted to the RMS works coordinator to have the project approved and signed off by RMS engineers.

Stage 2- consisted of council road widening works. The existing road alignment was not suitable for the new development as the entry / exit did not line up correctly with the existing road. It was outside the tolerance allowed under the council design hence the requirement for realignment and widening works

Sawcutting to the proposed extent of works was undertaken prior to the removal of the existing kerb and gutter, kerb inlet lintels, footpath and asphalt surface.

Two new kerb inlet pits were constructed over the existing 600mm RCP with kerb entry lintels installed. The two existing pits on the original alignment were adjusted with one requiring a class D heavy duty grate and frame as it was in the road pavement and the other class B as it was in the footpath.

The difficulties with this stage was that this area was used as the primary construction entry for the building site. We were only able to undertake works on one side of the road at a time. Deliveries, concrete pours and preparation works needed to be carefully coordinated with the builder to ensure the access to the site was not disrupted.




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