28 Rodborough Rd- Commercial Car park Addition

  • Client: Platino Properties
  • Principal: Northern Group
  • Contract Superintendant: George Revay
  • Date: July- August 2011

Project Description

This Concrete Car Park Construction required Northern Group to gain access to a 1000m2 parcel of land at the rear of a private commercial property in French’s Forest via an existing basement car park.

Existing concrete block wall 6m x 2.4m was demolished and the slab above reinforced using a 300mm I beam to facilitate entry to the proposed car park area.

Extensive site clearing was required to remove the existing trees and vegetation with the mulch produced reused onsite as erosion dust control. Topsoil (150t) was excavated and removed offsite in 2t tip trucks.

The overall site works included excavation of an existing mound (200m3) of material left-over from previous building construction works and compaction of this as sub grade to 98%SDD. To reach the compaction requirements of 98%SDD a 1.8t remote control double drum pad foot roller was used.

Stormwater drainage works consisting of aggline and gravel filled interception trench, 3 x 900 x 900mm pits, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm PVC pipe and a connection to the existing onsite stormwater system was undertaken. 50% of these works were in rock

Preparatory works for concrete were required to facilitate a tapering 200mm wide 1.5m high maximum drop edge beam and a 300 x 300mm centre beam. This was designed as additional support for the 120mm thick concrete car park slab.

On completion of the concrete works, line marking and wheel stops were installed to provide parking for an additional 24 cars.


Site access was restricted to 2.1m maximum in height for plant and machinery; this presented a difficult constraint for all aspects of the project. 4.5t excavation equipment had to have their canopies were removed to gain access to site. Furthermore this limited removal of spoil and delivery of materials to 2t Daihatsu tippers and compaction to 1.2t remote controlled compaction roller.

In addition this project was designed to re use all existing site material for cut and fill works, however material was riddled with builders waste and over size material. 2 x 4.5t Kubota’s utilised their shaker buckets to screen material to 75mm minus, and made material suitable for reinstatement.